Family Podiatry of Belmont Appointment Scheduling

Most people make their appointment by telephone. Before you call to schedule your appointment, please be sure that you have gathered all the information you will need. Check your home or office calendar and pick the date and time most convenient for you. If you are a new patient, make sure you have your personal information handy as well. This may include such items as your reason for the appointment, the severity of your problem, and your insurance information. If you have special needs in reaching or getting into our office, please let our staff know at the time of scheduling. 

Let the scheduler know your preferred times and dates. If that time is not available, our staff will work with you to best fit your time limits.   If you have extenuating circumstances, special arrangements can be available to accommodate your unique situation. Just please let us know - we will work hard to assist you. Finally, once an appointment is made, please arrange for a referral to be sent from your family doctor to our office, should your insurance require one.

Your appointment time is reserved for you. We are a busy office, and have folks waiting to see us, so if you must cancel for any reason, please give us 24 hour’s notice so that we may offer it to another. We also do keep a cancellation list should you wish to try to make your appointment earlier than originally planned. Just ask Linda or Danielle to place you on the list. If you have a critical issue, let our staff know and they will expedite an appointment for you.

You can also send us an appointment request by using the form below. Please understand that this is a request only, and until we call and confirm the date and time, the requested appointment is not final.

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