Let us introduce the staff at Family Podiatry of Belmont

Linda and Danielle offer a warm, friendly greeting when you arrive for an appointment. They will start your visit by recording or updating your medical records, verifying your insurance information, and checking your referral. Finally, they will help you get settled in the exam room as they let Dr. Alper know you are here.

They will also schedule appointments for new patients and make follow-up appointments for patients in the office. When you have a scheduled appointment, you will hear from them with a phone or email reminder a few days prior to your appointment date.

If your condition requires outside testing, such as an MRI, or a surgical procedure, Linda and Danielle will arrange the scheduling at the hospital and direct you through the process. They will also take care of insurance referrals and filing of claims, and  assist you with payment and billing questions.

They do all this, while creating a comfortable, friendly environment while waiting for your medical visit.

Be sure to call them if you have any questions or need any information about a visit to our office or a billing issue. They are here to help you, and are happy to do so!